Cookie press with whirling pattern

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In olden times, whirling patterns were popular on Székely gates, crests, “kopjafa” wooden grave posts, and the cassettes of door frames on old buildings. It is also a symbol of the turning of the world. The press can be used to effortlessly shape biscuits, Linzer cookies, marzipan, and fondant, so that you can turn any cookie into something truly special. The press can also be used to decorate plasticine, bakeable playdough and clay. 


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The turnstiles used to be found on Székely gates, coats of arms, headstones, as well as door cassettes on the door jambs of our old buildings. It also symbolizes the rotation of the flower.

With the stamp, you can easily pattern biscuits, lingers, marzipan and fondant, which can make any cake really special. The stamp can also be used to decorate salt dough, baking dough and clay.



 4.5 cm bottom part  


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